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About Eric Frontiera

Your Place. Your Space. Your Home. Six simple words that guide me and us everyday. I, along with my wife and two kids, live just outside Grand Rapids with our two dogs - 11 yr. old rescue dog Roxy and 1 year old Hucksley (who is 110 lbs). Our journey began not unlike yours.........we have lived on the east and west side of the state (rented, built and owned) in everything from a downtown flat to a country home on acreage with chickens. We, of all people, know that life rarely travels in a straight line....and throughout your travels and moves, I will always put my best foot forward for you and your family, like my own. When I meet you and have the awesome opportunity to be a part of your journey....whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking to downsize, wanting to live on the water or in nature, love condo living or country living - know that your journey is not about me, is about you....and when you can tell friends, coworkers and family..."hey...I got a new place that I love," "we finally have the space" or "come check out our new home" ...because once you can do realize that you ARE HOME - because of the place, yes, because of your life journey up to that point, yes, and equally important - because of the people (sometimes animals) and love WITHIN the place. That is why, for me, it will always be about....YOUR PLACE. YOUR SPACE. YOUR HOME.